Jerrie Hurd's Camera Poems

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A Fine art photographer specializing in figurative images

"Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance."

--Carl Sandburg

Is there a better way to describe photographing the human figure?

Artist Statement:

I am a figurative photographer who often works with water because I think water adds an ethereal quality to my images. It is also challenging. I can't ask a model to "hold that pose." 

I work in other outdoor environments and do studio work with props and masks. I print my images in both black and white and color. Many figurative photographers choose to work mostly in black and white. 

My work is influenced by Anne Bridgman (1869-1950) who is known for her photographs of nude women. Although she lived and worked in California, she was an original member of the Photo-Secession movement. She engaged in a long correspondence with Alfred Stieglitz, who exhibited her photos in his New York gallery. 

Not just her images, I am influenced by Brigman's writing. She was an early proponent of women's rights and photographed nudes, mostly female, because she saw throwing aside the conventions of her day--particularly heavy clothing that constrained movement or visibility--as a feminist statement.

Some modern feminists object to pictures of nude women because they appeal to the male gaze. Anne Bridgman argues that it doesn't help to cover up. Hats, long skirts, and veils are also about the male gaze.

I like to think that my photographs continue in that tradition. I often include masks, veils, and long skirts in my work as a way of asking the viewers to look--really look--at what's going on between the body and coverings. This extends to the male body which has its own rigid societal expectations.

My work has appeared in juried shows from Florida to California. Check my "shows" page.

And, please, enjoy the images.